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Our passion is helping individuals develop a personal & home protection plan.  Proper training is an essential component of not only preparing for how we should react if confronted by a violent crime but also how we respond and importantly the steps needed in avoiding the confrontation in the first place.  

We are committed to providing you the best training available to help in protecting not only yourself but your family as well.

We are instructors that are both USCCA & NRA Certified, who train beyond what the National and the state of Michigan requires.

We'll provide you the Knowledge, Skills, and the Attitude to prepare you for that life-threating confrontation

which we hope you NEVER have to endure.


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Americans enjoy a right that citizens of many other countries do not, the right to own firearms.  But with this right comes responsibility.  When people learn and practice responsible gun ownership, firearms are safe. 

-National Rifle Association


“Arms in the hands of citizens may be used at individual discretion in private self-defense.”

-John Adams

"Simply Calling 9 1 1 and waiting is no longer your best option.  You have the right and the duty to protect yourself and your family"

- Milwaukee Sheriff, David A. Clarke

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